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The perfect retreat!

I don’t usually put in full property details into this blog as we have another website for that purpose, but this house is rather special.

The perfect retreat if you are looking for serenity and seclusion… Do you need some peace to finally write that novel? Are you looking for inspiration to put brush to canvas. Or do you just want a peaceful corner. This could be your solution. An absolutely stunning, 2/3 bed traditionally designed and constructed stonehouse.

This unique funky property is hand built by traditional craftsmen using the finest stone and reclaimed timber. A house for the artistic and creative minded. It sits high up at the edge of an olive grove on a large 280 sqm plot and has beautiful 240 degree breathtaking views of the sea and mountains from the spacious lounge, terrace and balconies.

The lounge has panoramic windows, reclaimed wooden floors and a stone fireplace. It has a substantial master bedroom with en-suite and a guest room with own bath and shower both of which have access to a large balcony with stunning views. The kitchen is a one off, hand built from old timber and has all the modern appliances fitted. The property also features a large cellar which has been split in to a music room/3rd bedroom and storage.

The swimming pool is a quirky L-shape designed to warm in the morning sun and the pretty garden is well established with over 100 local trees, shrubs, vines and bushes and is gravelled for the winter months.

Located 1 KM from Apollon Temple is 10 minutes walk to fresh bread, 30 minutes walk to secluded beaches and the semi-remote location gives access to miles of countryside walking in attractive terrain.

Full TAPU and Habitation Certificate.

Needless to say, if you want more information, just give me a quick call.

The Perfect Sale!

This is the story of a perfect sale for all involved – buyer, seller and emlak.

The phone call came through at 8.30am on a Monday morning. A Turkish chap looking to relocate the area had come to us having been highly recommended bu our business partner on the Olive Gardens in Akbuk complex – Mehmet Yurdakul.

Yildiray met up with the chap who had a reasonable budget in mind, and a definite wish list. Yildiray showed him a resale duplex, fully furnished, which we had had on our books through an existing UK client.

The potential client loved it, a deal was struck which was acceptable to all. Within 24 hours, the deal was completed, deeds signed over, monies transferred into the bank, client had moved in and was blissfully happy.

So please do not despair of your resale is taking some time to shift. There is a client out there for you. It could happen very quickly.

Emlaks are only human (mostly!)

I love this business. Over the years we have made a lot of people very happy by ensuring that they purchase a home in the sun which fulfills their needs, and is legally safe.

But the process of getting there can be excruciatingly painful at times. I know I should toughen up and not take things personally, but when you care deeply about what you are doing then human nature never fails to dumbfound me.

When people contact me looking for property, I spend a lot of time keeping them up to date on what is available, what is happening in the area. I correspond regularly by email, occasionally contact by telephone… over time I like to build a relationship which I hope makes people feel comfortable and have some kind of familiarity when they first come over.

The competition here in Altinkum is horrendous. It is cut throat and underhand. We have a policy of never commenting on other people’s business because we would not want others to do the same as ours. However, not everyone works to the same standards.

By the same token, we realise that potential buyers may want to spend time with other agents as well.

What I find upsetting, is that you make an appointment and nobody shows up. No cancelling email. No phone call. No note under the door. Nothing. I have lost count of the hours I have spent sitting outside hotels waiting for someone who has no intention of honouring an appointment. You wonder if they are lurking behind a pillar waiting for me to leave! Or sitting in a cafe across the road loitering over a latte until the coast is clear! 

I feel uncomfortable chasing them up with hotels as I believe that if somebody does not want to see you, a no show is as good a way of telling us as anything. But I would really much prefer it if they could let us know – it is after all only polite. Just a simple phone call would make all the difference in the world. We are then not left hanging and wondering… what have we done, has somebody said something, have we inadvertently upset them, are they poorly…

Despite what is commonly thought about agents and emlaks, we are only human and trying to make an honest living!

Excellent result on deeds!

We had an excellent end to the week last week – we finally signed off a set of deeds that had been dragging out for the best part of 6 years now. The builder and landowner had a dispute before the original deeds could get signed off. Through dogged determination of the clients, ourselves and the builder we finally managed to get there without it having to go to court. I shall be putting the full story together for some PR and will post it accordingly here, but all in all a good result and some thoroughly welcome good news.

An open invitation!

The sun is out. The temperature is hotting up. The season has started.

I would like to extend an invitation to all to come and see us if and when you are out in Altinkum. Our offices are open 7 days a week during the summer season, normally until about 8 in the evening. We are located in the Second Beach area, just up from the Tuntas Hotem, opposite the Letoon Hotel (used to be called the Atac).

If you want to talk through the possibility of buying, feel free to come for a chat. If you already have a property but are having a few problems, come for a chat. If you want to sell, come for a chat. If you’re thinking abot emigrating out here, come for a chat.

If I am not in the office when you come, do call me – often I am no more than 10 minutes away.

I am very excited about the future prospects for the area, and I would love to share that excitement with you all.

Season has started

So, the summer season has officially started. The pools are full, temperatures are reaching the late 20s, and our lovely council has launched into a raft of road improvement schemes. Don’t you just love its timing!

This time of year always seems to see an increase in burglaries, so if you are heading over soon, or reading this in Didim, do be extra vigilant. Keep valuables (including passports) in a safe place and don’t leave any windows or doors open.

I hope to see some of you over the next few months. Our offices will be open 7 days a week well into the evening, so feel free to come by and share a glass or two with us.

The Altinkum Property market – summer season 2010

Property values have kept us all in dinner party conversations for many years now – how much you bought for, how much you sold for, how much something might be worth in five years time if you put in a new kitchen and bathroom.

The question that concerns us Didim dwellers as we enter the 2010 summer season is, how well have Didim property prices fared over the last few months, and what is going to happen as we count down to 2011. Some reports seem to reflect that the town is on its knees and you cannot give the properties away. I wanted to try and make a fairer evaluation based on my own observations over the last 12 months.

Before we attempt to answer, I want to take a very basic look at what helps to govern property prices in the first place. And I want to focus on the two main property ‘types’ that affect the majority of readers of Voices – new builds and resales. Many of you would have purchased new builds, some now may want to sell them as a resale.

It is probably the resale market that we understand better, however in the UK our resales do not compete on the same level with new builds as they do here in Didim. The UK market is mature. The Didim market is barely out of nappies.

For a new build project, the price of a single unit would be worked out in the same way as any other product manufactured in a factory – cost of raw materials (land, construction costs) taking into account cost of sales (commissions, marketing) plus profit margin. Any business-minded professional developer will work out the unit price of a potential project. If this comes out at a reasonable level then the project is probably worth pursuing.

Once that property becomes a resale property, the new owner would usually at least want to recoup what he paid for it, and preferably make a little more into the bargain.

The nineties and noughties in the UK made property experts of us all. It started with Thatcher enabling council house dwellers to buy their own property. The banks then jumped in on the bandwagon by making mortgages more easily and widely available. The explosion of property shows on the TV told us how we can clear £10,000, £20,000, £50,000… become property millionaires just by giving a place a lick of paint and a new front gate.

It was the extortionate property prices in the UK which made Turkey seem so attractive at the turn of the 21sy century. A 2-bed brand new apartment could be bought for anything between £10-20,000 – credit card amounts as some even joked at the time.

As the demand from foreign purchasers grew, so did the desire for better quality ‘products’ – complexes with pools, European standard installations, better quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. Local builders learnt fast. Land prices rose steeply. Property prices reflected the growing demand, but were still comparably much lower than competing markets (ie Spain). In fact, in many overseas property publications, Turkey was being touted as the new Spain, where property prices had climbed steadily over the last couple of decades.

Then a couple of things happened – a world recession, and, more specifically to Didim, the unraveling of several fraudulent activities involving discrepancies with deeds transfers and a significant number of understandably irate and vocal property non-owners.

While the recession, has had a definite impact on the property market worldwide, it could be fair to say that the effect on Didim is not massive, and definitely not irreparable, if only because the domestic market has grown in strength. Throughout the winter months, there has been a steady stream of Turkish purchasers visiting the area, bringing with them a demand for property that has enabled prices to remain relatively stabilized.

The fall out from the tapu fraud issues continues to be a source of concern for both those affected and for many businesses in Didim who have long term interests in the area. If we were to take a more positive stance on these issues, they have heightened awareness of the loopholes in the system for the future generation of buyers. And there is an active body of people pushing towards closing up those loopholes to create, hopefully, a more fraud proof system in the future.

So where does all this leave us with regards to current price levels?

As a unscientific snapshot, I did a quick tot up of the resale properties on our own books – both still available and sold, all British owner.

The total sale price of all the properties actually gave an increase in value across the board of nearly £300,000 over what they were originally bought for. Of those that had been sold (about 35%), the average purchase price was at least 10% more than the original price.

What is also important to bear in mind is that many of those properties were purchased by Turkish buyers who, though tough negotiators, still purchased at a price acceptable to the UK sellers.

The most difficult prospective purchasers over the last 12 months, and who normally left our offices empty handed, were UK buyers who came over believing they could pick up some rock solid bargains.

We are a long way from properties flying off the shelves – I wish. Every week is a struggle but we soldier on and there is definite movement of goods out on the market place, and prices seem to be holding up. Back in the UK my neighbours have had their house on the market for three years without a sniff of a buyer. One resale apartment we had on our books here took just a couple of months to sell.

We work on the premise that every property has a buyer whatever the current economic circumstances. We just need to stand firm, work hard, and have a little faith.

Didim musings # 2

The ancient temple aside, Didim is a relatively modern town to which many have migrated from all corners of Turkey and indeed Greece. If you wander down some of the side streets off the main town you will see the small, often dilapidated looking bungalows that have been home to many generations of first time Didim residents.

Often these plots of land were given to the original dwellers free – encouraging them to settle and build a community that has developed into what we have today. And most of these plots are in an often prime position close to the centre of main town Didim, and therefore worth a significant amount of money on today’s market.

What is happening now is that many of these original houses (which you must understand were built with no foundations, no earthquake proof structures, no building regulations, and certainly no iskans!) are slowly being knocked down to make way for tall apartment blocks as you can see in the pictures.

The way it is normally done is that the owner of the land in questions makes a contract with a builder. As payment for the land he is given a number of apartments, which he can either use himself, and/or for family, or indeed sell on.

A good thing or a bad thing? I can only surmise it to be a good thing in the long term. The original owners of not out of pocket – indeed they are probably better off than they would ever have been otherwise. The town continues to develop into a thriving modern municipality.

The changing face of Didim

The changing face of Didim

Easyjet flights

I have been checking on the dates of Easyjet flights into Bodrum for this summer. The following are true at time of posting. Flying from:

Stansted from May 15th 2010

Gatwick from the end of April 2010

Bristol from 17th July 2010

Liverpool from 11th June 2010

These may well change so best to check on the Easyjet website when you decide to book.

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