Home baby home!

Can it really be over nine months since I added to this blog. As I may have mentioned I was pregnant with baby number 4, and I think once the new year set in my brain went into meltdown and all attempts at anything even vaguely intellectual went out the window – even writing this now is like cranking up an old and rusty lawnmower!

Well Sofia Kitty made her entrance into this world back in April, and we’re back in Turkey for the time being where yours truly has abandoned the office once and for all and decided to enjoy these last few months of looking after a young baby as there will absolutely be no more.

And as I write, Kitty is rolling around on her floor blanket squealing into the hot wind coming in off the balcony. The other three are on their last hour of summer school before the Bayram holidays next week, then countdown to the start of the school year again. The new school term will hopefully coincide with a cooling off of temperatures, enabling me to spend more time in the garden – am a definite fair weather gardener – anything too hot or too cold and I prefer to be indoors!

In the meantime, I am quite happy sitting in the breeze and playing footsie with my beautiful little girl.

Sofia Kitty

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