A crystal clear day!

Today was one of those gorgeous cold, crisp days in winter when the skies are crystal clear and you can see for miles around. All being quiet in the office I decided to take myself for a bit of a drive – something I don’t get much chance of without several screaming kids in the back! I headed over to Akbuk where we are building a couple of villas to check on their progress and take a few update pictures. Then I followed the road out of Akbuk in the Milas direction where the road winds high into the pine forests then dips through Kazikli following lush olive groves towards Bozbuk.

The photo I have included here is of Akbuk looking down from the Kazikli road. As with all photos, unless you are a professional the picture never conveys the true beauty and clarity of the view – it is simply breathtaking, expecially on a day like today when the clarity of the air quality enables you to see for miles and miles.

The villas, by the way, are looking very good. You can see the details in more depth on http://www.myturkishhome.com/turkish_property_list.php?cat=Key%20Developments&f_category_id=1, though I have posted a sneaky extra photo here for you..

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