Unseasonably warm!

So while the rest of you are shivering in the UK snow, we are still basking in temperatures which are well into the 70′s. Have not even brushed down my lightweight winter coat yet  – even a cardigan can be too warm during the main part of the day! It is unseasonably warm. Thankfully so, as we have decided to only use our central heating in the very extreme of needs to try and save on electric bills. On cooler evenings we light the fire which blasts out enough heat to warm the main part of the house. And having dug up our wooden basement floor after a flood last year, we have a lot of it to burn! Other than that, my own internal heating system seems to be working overtime at the moment.

The weather has affected the garden as well – I think it believes that spring has come again. We have had flowers galore, the lilac has been flourishing for several weeks now, the geraniums have taken new roots, the lilies are sprouting again, the roses are budding and the bougainvillaw is as glorious as ever.

I rather wish I could feel some of that icy cold! It’d probably make me appreciate the continuing warmth that little bit more.

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