A season’s end review

As we approach the end of the summer season, I think it is safe to say that it has been a difficult one for everyone. Yes, we are in a recession situation worldwide, and this has had a serious effect on the resort as a whole.

It started off shakily with the ash cloud (remember that). For that one week so many people were forced to change their travel plans. Some had to cancel altogether, others who were stuck here decided they could not come back a second time during the course of the summer. Flight prices went through the roof and were difficult to get hold off. Extremely frustrating to say the least.

Add to this, three airlines that were crucial to the Turkish holiday market all went bust – Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KTHY), Goldtrail and Kiss. I personally lost over £1000 worth of flights on KTHY. I know that Atlas was picking up on some of the lost flights, but unfortunately it was not running the same routes - the route we were offered was not suitable or convenient for our purposes, so we simply had to swallow the loss.

The holy month of Ramadan also fell right in the middle of the busiest Turkish holiday season, so many who would have been visiting and spending towards the local economy, simply were not.

And of course there was the crazy decision not to go ahead with the golf course. Harumph… I have already said my piece about that particular piece of stupidity.

On the positive side… the sun still shone, the sea was still warm, and Yildiray and I are expecting our fourth child. Ultimately people are having difficulties the world over, and the fortunes of Didim will wax and wane along with the best of them. It still remains a place which has some great potential long term while still offering a haven of peace and warmth in the meantime. With a population of 40,000 full time resident, and growing (we are certainly making a positive impact there!!) Didim has some great opportunities for those with the vision and clarity of forethought to discover. I am as ever looking to a positive future.

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