Finally…! I have finally booked myself onto an intensive course of Turkish in a bid to get to grips with this infernal language once and for all.

I’m not a complete novice – I can hold my own in basic conversations, shops, asking for help etc. But really, after nearly 10 years of being here, I really should be pretty fluent by now. And it is not as if I am a language novice – I am fairly fluent in French and have learnt a smattering of both German and Russian. It is more a case of not being able to think like a Turk, and not getting to grips with the rythm of the language.

So I took it upon myself to book a series of intensive one on one classes at the Didem language school here in Didim.

And I wish I had done it years ago.

Years of self teaching and half watching the various ‘dizis’ (soap operas) in Turkish has given me a grounding and good understanding, but to actually hold a conversation during which I can make intelligent observations other than everything being ‘cok guzel’ has long been beyond my reach. During the two hours of my first lesson I made more progress than I have done during the last few years.

Of course it may be another story in a few weeks. I shall no doubt hit that brick wall of learning and wonder whether I will actually break through the barriers of mere communication to actual indepth understanding and knowledge, but I have got the bug again, and am determined.

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