Back to the rituals of home

So did I enjoy my wet August back in the UK? – possibly for a short while, but I must be honest the novelty wore off after a while! I was quite pleased to get back to the blue skies and warmth that will embrace my life here in Didim for the next few months.

It is always good to come back home after an extended (one month) period away. I love catching up with family and friends, but it is difficult being a guest for such a long time. I stay in my old childhood home. We have a fab back garden which is great, and safe, for the kids… if they actually manage to get out there between rain showers. I try and sneak off at least once to do some late night shopping in that temple of consumerism – the shopping mall – and follow it with the same old dishes in my favourite Thai restaurant. The Saturday night curry takeaway has been de rigeur in my family household since we were kids, and the tradition has not changed 45 years on! These are all the things I miss when I am in Turkey – family rituals that give comfort and familiarity and a sense of belonging.

But them being away too long makes me miss those rituals that Yildiray and I have created in or own home. Rituals that arise out of the daily routines of our life here in Turkey – work, the children, meals round the table, favourite trips out, plans for the future. This is the family home that we are creating, that I hope will be as secure and comfortable as that my own parents created for us.

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  • Hi Kate, It was nice to meet you and your children the other day. I think this is a lovely post. I myself also came from a wonderful home in Minnesota and really want this stability for our new little family. I am still really struggling with starting my Turkish life. Although I adore my husband and daughter I lately have been blinded by my longing to be back in America. I think it is just as you wrote that maybe I just long for some stability again after years of traveling. Hopefully soon. Take care.

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