Give me some rain!

It is most definitely officially hot now.

It is the kind of hot when I can’t hold the steering wheel properly without burning my hand.

It is the kind of hot when any form of human skin on skin contact results in a slithering sweaty mess (and I am referring to kids on knees, not the other form of contact!).

It is the kind of hot which scrambles your brain, hurts your eyes, and makes you want to sleep – except that it is too hot to sleep!

Perfect holiday weather – if all you need to worry about is sliding from your sun lounger to the pool and back again, taking in a few sips of cold Efes beer every now and again. In these circumstances the weather is spot on.

Living and working and trying to lead a normal life between children, grocery shopping, work and keeping the house clean, then the heat can become a bit too much. August is normally when I like to escape to the UK, and right at this moment I cannot get there quick enough. I fantasise about rain, grey skies, and slipping into a warm, snuggly duvet at night.

To be honest though, I enjoy it, probably because when I get back to my Yesilkent villa at the start of September I shall have at least another 2-3 months of warm, sunny, delightfully bearable weather to look forward to… days when you wake up and the skies are blue and sunny, you step out into a warm sun, but you can feel that hint of autumnal crispness in the air. That is my favourite kind of warmth!

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