And another falls for Turkey’s charms!

My mother and I waved off my cousin and her three children this morning. They had spent a week’s holiday out here at my mother’s invitation (staying in her apartment on the Aegean Pine Village site inYesilkent.)

Like so many people I speak to, she had never been to Turkey before and actually had no idea whatsoever what to expect. And she absolutely loved it. The kids were happy, which meant she was happy and could relax and enjoy her holiday. All being well she is booked in again for next summer.

So many people have no idea as to what to expect when considering Turkey as a holiday destination. Benidorm like high rise hotel ghettos is a prevalent image.

The reality is so different, and it is always heartening to see how much people are pleasantly surprised to see lush green streets, low rise buidings, azure blue seas and beaches which are clean, sandy and on a truly human scale.

So any Turkey-virgins out there get in touch and come out and try the place. I think that you may well be hooked too.

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