Here’s a question for you. I would appreciate any comments!

I received an enquiry from someone this week who had purchased a 1-bedroomed apartment last year and was thinking about selling to find another with a sea view. Common enough situation.

He had come through one of our agent websites, in reponse to a complex in Altinkum we list.

I contacted him and suggested that we migh be interested in a part exchange with one of our Olive Gardens duplexes if he was interested in sea views. I pasted in the website link so that he could check out the photos and prices.

About half an hour later he called me. He asked what the deal was. I explained that we would take his original apartment as a downpayment on the duplex for the original price that he paid (excluding buying costs). He would then pay the balance on the duplex price. He then got extremely angry with me and hung up.

I have cut and pasted now the resulting emails:

From him:

hi there

                 ive never been so humiliated by a pathetic offer as yours, no wonder you can not sell, you should be reported. i will be letting people knw about your offers on all turkish websites on the internet.

From me:

Dear O
I am sorry you feel this way. You asked what we could offer. I think that offering the same price for your apartment as you had originally paid last year as a part exchange in order to upgrade what you currently have is a valid and fair offer.
Kind regards
Kate Ashley-Norman 

            dont be so ridiculous, you dont buy a property to resell at the same price, what world do you live in ???. your offer was more then pathetic. absolute criminal.
 as i said i will be letting people know about you and your website and your pathetic offers in part exchange, its  people and companys like you that need to be exsposed to the buying public. i will deffinitley make sure you get some bad reviews and press.
 and will be warning many people to stay away from you and your website .
mr k

Mr K
I made a simple suggestion as a solution to a possible change I believed you wanted to make. You did not accept my offer. I have not harmed you in any way. I do not understand why you are so angry. It would be much simpler just to say no thank you and walk away.
There are people in today’s world market who are selling for less than they paid for a property (not just in Turkey).
There are people in Turkey who have paid for a property and have had it taken away from them. This is criminal.
We have people coming to us who willingly upgrade their properties, giving their original back as part exchange. They are happy. We are happy. We simply relieve them of the burden of selling their original property in a difficult market. Where is the problem in that.
Again, I very much regret that you are so upset.
Kind regards
Kate Ashley-Norman
excuse me

                   just take a look at your offer i replied to, you have a photo of a seaview flat clearly stating underneath it in writing its a 1 bed apaprtment asking price £33,000,
 and you then replied back to me with an offer of a possible exchange, so as far as im concerned you have a 33,000 pound appartment 1 bed seaview wanting to exchange for my 1 bed apaprtment.

you then turn around and say its a 3 bed duplex appartment ?? so whats happened to this 1 bed appartment i replied to ???with the seaview photo ????

what are you playing at kate, your misleading people with your advertising and photos.

and this is what i will be telling everybody on the internet what you are doing. apart from other lies you told me  utter disgraceful people like you should be in prison.

Ha ha ha ha ha haha
Best laugh I have had all year!

           have a look on the internet try google, about yourselves website. then you wont be having best laugh of year hahaha. conman conwomen. robbing the public misleading not good at all cheerio.

bad reviews bad press thats what your number logged as well.


Now, is it just me or does anyone think this gentleman is slightly over-reacting? I simply offered him what he paid for originally – does this make me a criminal fit only for the slammer? Have I conned this gentleman not having taken a single penny from him? Is it my fault if he has not understood te nature of what I was offering?

You see, agents are always maligned for being con artists. But it is this sort of abuse that crops up now and again which really makes my blood boil. Anyone who knows me will know that I work hard to maintain a positive and transparent future for Didm. I write openly in the Voices, use this blog, contribute occasionally to the TL forum. We look after our clients and have never abandoned anyone. Yet I get this type of abuse from someone who only needed to say thanks but no thanks.


  • Steve & Alison

    Hi Kate,

    Unbelievable is the only word I can use to describe this. In my opinion yours was an extremely fair offer given the current state of the property market. Especially as you were relieving him of the hassle of selling a 1 bed apartment!

    I agree wholeheartedly with the other contributors on here – when we hear some of the horror stories about other estate agents both Alison and myself are very thankful we found yourself and Yildiray when we were buying our apartment in Turkey.

    Please keep up the good work and remember the many , many happy clients you have when you come across another situation like this :)

  • Nader Mortazavi

    Hello Kate,
    I’m sure in your line of work, you see people just looking to start any issues, and this will gives them something to do!!!!!!!!!!
    I think as he stated “Its people and companies like you that need to be exposed to the buying public”.
    I have to agree fully with his comments, as people like you and dear Yildiray have supported and helped many pepole to achieve their dream house and location.
    From our family we thank you all.

  • Ros & Alan

    Dear Kate,

    This person is obviously slightly “off the planet” for want of a better expression.

    You don’t buy a property to sell at the same price! No, there are many people in Turkey and the UK who are selling for less due to the recession. How much profit does he think he could have realised after only one year? Personally, we think offering a “same price” deal for a 1 bedroomed apartment is very fair. If he had done his homework, he should have also realised that 1 bedroomed apartments are not so easy to sell.

    We think he is a client you could well do without.

    Please let us know if he does try to cause problems for you, as we are sure you will have an army of very happy clients who will be able to dispute whatever misguided opinions he tries to spread.

  • Tracey and john

    Hi Kate

    Don’t worry, you are one of the ‘good emlaks’ in Altinkum. John and I purchased through yourselves over 5 years ago. Reading and hearing the horror stories over the years of people not receiving their Tapu’s is sickening and my heart goes out to each and every one of them.

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