Summertime, and the living ain’t so easy!

As I was driving back from Soke the other day, azure blue skies spanning the horizon, the mountains crisp and fresh looking in the noonday sun, I counted my many blessings for being able to make a life in this wonderful country. Arriving back in Didim, I alighted from the comfort of my air conditioned car into… 90+ degree heat. Uuufff ya! as the Turks are wont to say.

It got me thinking as to what the absolute best time to visit is weather-wise. July and August are the hottest months – the place steams in the summer heat, with little relief at night.

My mum and dad (God rest his soul) loved the heat, if only because when they got here in July it would completely zonk them out. They would spend their days sleeping late, swimming, reading, swimming some more, reading some more, and having gentle strolls in the evening. This heat, when you are genuinely on holiday, is fantastic for relaxing you.

However when you are leading a relatively normal existence which involves work, kids, shopping and all the burdens of modern living it is extremely hard work. Strapping a young kid into its car seat after the car has been sitting in the sun is sweat inducing for all. You particularly have to watch out for those metal buckles!

My favourite time is April/May. It is the time in Yesilkent where we live where the plant life goes wild, the colours are vibrant, the birds are a riot of song. It is at this time that I like to take some time out from the office and work in the garden with the sun a welcoming warmth on my back.

Picture: a brilliant April day in Yesilkent.

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