What’s happening to my bus route home?!

I always choose to travel backwards and forwards between Izmir and Stansted airport using Cyprus Turkish Airlines (www.kthy.net). For years this company has been like a bridge for me, giving me comfort that my family in the UK are just a familiar few hours away. We take the same plane, at the same time, using the same car company to pick us up in the UK.

Last week the airline’s operations were suspended due to mounting debt. An agreement with Atlasjet is on the table, but there seem to be issues with the Cypriot unions and Atlasjet were unsure as to whether the deal was going to be commercially workable.

My mother is due to fly out next Friday. I am due to fly back at the beginning of August with the kids. All tickets have been booked, but at this stage we do not know whether there will be a plane waiting to ferry us all around. The financial implications aside (KTHY are not the cheapest) it is the uncertainty that worries me most. A couple of months ago it was the ash cloud that was throwing spanners into the works. Now it is the demise of an airline that I always believed to be secure and reliable.

At this stage I am hoping that the deal with Atlasjet can be sorted out. They have just over a week to get back to normal flights before I shall at look at rebooking a flight for my mother. I shall just have to keep the situation monitored.

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  • Aleynasdad

    12000 tickets are guaranteed that have alreday been bought but Atlasjet have still not told their staff what is happening past the next 24 hours so we will have to wait and see. Flying to Stansted on 23rd and looks 50-50 at the mo. Definately no refunds.

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