The Perfect Sale!

This is the story of a perfect sale for all involved – buyer, seller and emlak.

The phone call came through at 8.30am on a Monday morning. A Turkish chap looking to relocate the area had come to us having been highly recommended bu our business partner on the Olive Gardens in Akbuk complex – Mehmet Yurdakul.

Yildiray met up with the chap who had a reasonable budget in mind, and a definite wish list. Yildiray showed him a resale duplex, fully furnished, which we had had on our books through an existing UK client.

The potential client loved it, a deal was struck which was acceptable to all. Within 24 hours, the deal was completed, deeds signed over, monies transferred into the bank, client had moved in and was blissfully happy.

So please do not despair of your resale is taking some time to shift. There is a client out there for you. It could happen very quickly.

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