I am officially a Turkish citizen!

Well, it’s official. I am now a Turkish citizen. Not that I am letting go of my UK nationality, God forbid. No, I now have dual nationality and to be honest it is quite a strange feeling.

So what does it give me? Well, I can go out and get a proper job for which I actually get paid. I can start paying my insurance, which allows me to receive a pension in my old age. I can have properties signed straight over into my name without the need for military clearance - excellent for the business. I am entitled to free health care through my husband’s insurance, which I was not before.

Basically, anything that a Turk can do, so can I. So it does actually make living in this country feel that much better as I no longer feel so much like a second class citizen. My kimlik (Turkish ID card) will give me a lot more freedom of movement.

Yet fortunately for me I also have my UK nationality and passport, so can continue to move around the world without the restrictions that so many Turks have.

It also means that I have an offical piece of paper on which my surname is the same as my childrens’. I did not change my name when I got married, mainly because I am rather partial to it and was reluctant to let it go, having had it for such a long time. However I was happy for the kids to take my husband’s surname (Emre). Now on my kimlik I am known as Kate Emre, and in the UK I am still Kate Ashley-Norman.

I’m a lucky bugger to have the best of both worlds!

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  • Nader Mortazavi

    Dear Kate,
    Good news, congratulations for your citizenship, I’m sure this will help you and the family. Let’s hope we will celebrate this one day.
    Angela & Nader

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