Drunk on smells!

I get very excited about my garden at the moment – does this mean that I finally have to admit to getting on a bit in age? We moved into our home in Yesilkent about three years ago now, and I planted several bushes which were chosen specifically for their smells. For the first time this year the plants seem to be doing what they said they would on the packet. The roses are abundant both in red-ness and number, the honeysuckles (all four of them) are tumbling over the walls and throwing out the most amazing scents every evening, we have another large bush that I have absolutely no idea what it is, but at night it knocks you out with its smell. I even counted about 20 new fruit coming through on the apricot tree.

As we sat on the veranda getting drunk on these scents, we discussed whether it was more important to us to be surrounded by the smells of a garden we have created, or unlimited sea views. Well sea views are all very well, but for us, the sight and smells of my gorgeous red roses would win every time.

Yesilkent (literally green town) is an incredibly green and lush area of the Didim peninsula. The soil is very rich and clay like, and mixed with some gubri – the Turkish equivalent of horse manure (but extracted from sheep instead) plants can go absolutely wild.

Sea views? – I can just walk down to the end of the road to get my fix!

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