Emlaks are only human (mostly!)

I love this business. Over the years we have made a lot of people very happy by ensuring that they purchase a home in the sun which fulfills their needs, and is legally safe.

But the process of getting there can be excruciatingly painful at times. I know I should toughen up and not take things personally, but when you care deeply about what you are doing then human nature never fails to dumbfound me.

When people contact me looking for property, I spend a lot of time keeping them up to date on what is available, what is happening in the area. I correspond regularly by email, occasionally contact by telephone… over time I like to build a relationship which I hope makes people feel comfortable and have some kind of familiarity when they first come over.

The competition here in Altinkum is horrendous. It is cut throat and underhand. We have a policy of never commenting on other people’s business because we would not want others to do the same as ours. However, not everyone works to the same standards.

By the same token, we realise that potential buyers may want to spend time with other agents as well.

What I find upsetting, is that you make an appointment and nobody shows up. No cancelling email. No phone call. No note under the door. Nothing. I have lost count of the hours I have spent sitting outside hotels waiting for someone who has no intention of honouring an appointment. You wonder if they are lurking behind a pillar waiting for me to leave! Or sitting in a cafe across the road loitering over a latte until the coast is clear! 

I feel uncomfortable chasing them up with hotels as I believe that if somebody does not want to see you, a no show is as good a way of telling us as anything. But I would really much prefer it if they could let us know – it is after all only polite. Just a simple phone call would make all the difference in the world. We are then not left hanging and wondering… what have we done, has somebody said something, have we inadvertently upset them, are they poorly…

Despite what is commonly thought about agents and emlaks, we are only human and trying to make an honest living!

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