Happy flying – thank God!

3am this morning and my mother left for the airport to catch her flight back to the UK. All of last week I was glued to the BBC World News here desperately worried that she would not make it over.

Fortunately by the Friday she travelled the schedules were more or less back to normal.

The volcanic ash emanating from that unpronounceable, unspellable volcano in Iceland highlighted how reliant we are on air travel. Turkey is just a 3 and a half to four hour flight – not much longer than driving from my previous home of Bath in the West Country to my family home in East Midlands Peterborough. In fact, I probably see more of my family now than then as we spend greater chunks of time together.

But not being able to get on a plane a fly home (albeit just for a week), caused me a surprising amount of stress – and I am not a stressful person by nature.

It does make you appreciate how much we take air travel for granted these days, and how we should be grateful for the ability to get on a plane and travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours. As a family we tend to travel backwards and forwards with Cyprus Turkish Airlines (www.kthy.net) – it has a convenient flight out of Stansted, an hour from my family home in the UK,  into Izmir.

With three young kids they have always been reliable and accommodating. The kids know the routine and route through the airports – to them it is like catching a bus. It is possibly not the cheapest, but 90% of the time Cyprus Turkish Airlines are on time, have never unnecessarily cancelled, and are normally happy to give me an extra wine to help the journey along!

I shall always bee grateful to them for allowing me to connect the two worlds that I love so much with relative ease.

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