A good reason for living in Turkey!

Enjoying the delights of Karina fish restaurant on the edge of the Dilek national park

It was not my intention to favour any one restaurant in this blog, but I have to tell you about one of my favourite places to while away a Sunday afternoon – the Karina fish restaurant.

 The simple and rustic pleasures of this restaurant is matched only by its unsurpassable location – it is literally at the end of a road which can go no further, is set right on the beach, on the edge of the Dilek national park. It is as unsophisticated and undeveloped as it could possibly be. You sit under a very rickety looking pergoda right on the beach. There is no menu other than the fish caught that day – usually bass or bream (Turkish staples), which is grilled on the open barbecue that they probably never put out.

And this Sunday it was packed. People come in buses from as far away as Izmir to have Sunday lunch here.

The best bit for me is that because it is right on the beach, the kids can put on their swimming costumes and go off to play – we can sit and enjoy our wine, keep an eye on them, and not worry. Perfect Sunday afternoon fodder.

This is what living in Turkey is all about!

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  • Ros & Alan

    Sounds wonderful.

    I have since “googled” the Dilek national park and the photos look gorgeous.
    So looking forward to the day when we have finished setting up our home in Yesilkent and we then have time to explore the countryside.


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