Didim musings # 2

The ancient temple aside, Didim is a relatively modern town to which many have migrated from all corners of Turkey and indeed Greece. If you wander down some of the side streets off the main town you will see the small, often dilapidated looking bungalows that have been home to many generations of first time Didim residents.

Often these plots of land were given to the original dwellers free – encouraging them to settle and build a community that has developed into what we have today. And most of these plots are in an often prime position close to the centre of main town Didim, and therefore worth a significant amount of money on today’s market.

What is happening now is that many of these original houses (which you must understand were built with no foundations, no earthquake proof structures, no building regulations, and certainly no iskans!) are slowly being knocked down to make way for tall apartment blocks as you can see in the pictures.

The way it is normally done is that the owner of the land in questions makes a contract with a builder. As payment for the land he is given a number of apartments, which he can either use himself, and/or for family, or indeed sell on.

A good thing or a bad thing? I can only surmise it to be a good thing in the long term. The original owners of not out of pocket – indeed they are probably better off than they would ever have been otherwise. The town continues to develop into a thriving modern municipality.

The changing face of Didim

The changing face of Didim

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