After nearly a decade of living and working in Turkey, I thought it about time to open up and give a more personal view of our world here as I see and experience it.

As many will have gleaned from my occasional articles in the local Didim paper the Voices, and random postings on the TLF website, I advocate a positive and transparent future for Didim’s long term development as a municipality. As a company, My Turkish Home works hard to make its contributions to the community accordingly.

There are not many places in the world where a whole town is literally growing around you from nothing. Didim, I guess, is the normal man’s Dubai. Dubai grew out of the desert as a millionaire’s playground. Didim has grown out of its rocky peninsula as a working man’s town.

In all honesty, I think that the future of Didim is more credible and tangible for most people’s tastes that that of Dubai.

If you have an interest – present, past or future – in Didim, then I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Do feel free to add any comments. Even contradictory remarks will be published, provided they are relevant, positive in nature and non-aggressive.

Kate Ashley-Norman

My Turkish Home